How to check Airtel broadband data usage (Smartbytes)

Airtel is one of India’s fastest internet provider in the terms of broadband, which makes it most preffered internet service provider all over the country.  If you are one of the Airtel broadband users then you must know about Airtel broadband data usage speed.

Who doesn’t like surfing at a high speed?

Answer is everyone. Everyone likes to surf at high speed. Airtel serves us with really high speed internet whose usage we can’t monitor and suddenly after a week you get a message Airtel broadband data usage exceeded. It’s frustrating I know but you got lost in the speed. 

But don’t worry we got you covered, we will tell you a easy way by which you can monitor your Airtel broadband data usage with ease. Every internet user is different some spend their data at YouTube, songs and while other on FB, Twitter etc. After checking your Airtel broadband data usage you can channelize your data effectively.

How to check Airtel broadband data usage (Smartbytes).

It’s very easy to monitor the data with Airtel new Smartbytes.

Just follow few steps to check Airtel broadband data usage.

1. Make sure that you are online( yes it only works online), and that too with Airtel broadband connection. It won’t work with other connections. So in order to see Airtel broadband data usage you have to be connected with Airtel broadband.

2. When you are connected you will see a broadband image, just click it and you will be taken to the Airtel broadband data usage website which is also famous as Smart bytes.

Airtel broadband data usage

3. Or you click here to visit Airtel Smartbytes to check broadband data usage.


  • Go visit Airtel official website.
  • Register there if you haven’t registered by providing your registered numbers and other details.
  • Login into your account and select account information

Airtel Smartbytes check

  • Select your Airtel DSL number and you will get the 2 option.
  • Click on unbilled amount. That’s it now you can see the Airtel broadband data usage and how much data is left for further use.

This is how you can track the broadband usage with the help of Airtel Smartbytes.

If any issue do let me know in comments.

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