Android 9 Pie is available for Google Pixel phones Now

Android 9 Pie is available for Google Pixel phones now

android pie
android 9 pie

Google has declared that the ultimate, shipping version of the latest robot update is obtainable for all pel phones nowadays. And, as usual, it’s declared a reputation to travel beside the over-the-air update: “Android nine Pie.”

Android nine Pie’s headline options square measure a similar ones that we have a tendency to discovered back in May: a “Digital Wellbeing” dashboard, a brand new gesture-based navigation system, and different AI-enhanced enhancements to the UI. It additionally received several refined enhancements to the look of the software system, as well as a brand new standing bar that’s designed to figure higher with notches.

However, the official unleash won’t embody all of the options that Google declared at Google I/O. the most things which will be missing square measure the Digital welfare options, as well as the usage dashboard, app times, and a “wind down” setting for once you move to bed. Instead, those options are offered as a beta for pel users directly. the particular unleash can are available the fall; Google says “Android One and different devices returning later this year.” One will assume that among the “other devices” are the new pel three phones.

The other missing feature is “slices,” that permits apps to surface a number of their practicality into search. as an example, if you typewritten “Lyft” within the main search, you’d get a button to decision a ride while not gap the Lyft app. Google says that feature will launch within the fall.

As usual, robot nine Pie is winning to pel users and can arrive for different robot phones later. However, Google has the potential to finally show progress in its efforts to induce different robot makers to update quickly this year. many makers participated within the robot P beta program, as well as Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential. If any of them square measure able to unleash robot nine Pie updates quickly, that will be an honest sign.

In fact, in its journal post nowadays, Google claims the devices that were within the robot P beta program can receive the robot nine Pie update in a very timely manner:
Devices that participated within the Beta program from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential, additionally as all qualifying robot One devices, can receive this update by the tip of this fall! we have a tendency to are operating with variety of different partners to launch or upgrade devices to robot nine this year.

Most of the options in robot nine Pie are well-received within the beta. The system contains a additional advanced battery management system, that Google says is supercharged by AI. App actions surface common app actions as buttons within the main robot launcher. Text choice has considerably improved with a scientific instrument and sensible text choice. however the new gestural navigation system has been additional polarizing.

Early betas of robot P had vital “jank,” that is to mention moving UI parts around felt stormy and not in any respect fluid. Things have improved considerably in later betas, however the swiping still feels a bit less intuitive than the iPhone X’s gestures to several users. There’s AN choice to flip it off and return to the standard robot three-button setup if you don’t am passionate about it.

As for the name, well, “Pie” isn’t very a shock. it had been the plain selection, and Google went with it. the additional stress on the version range is attention-grabbing, though: Google refers to that as “Android nine Pie,” and therefore the computer address for the OS is solely

If you’ve got a pel phone, over-the-air updates ought to begin rolling out nowadays.

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