How to fix the issue of iPhone not charging.

The iPhones are among the top used gadgets in the world. The craze for iPhone among people never wither away, whether it’s iPhone 4 or 10 people will go crazy for it. The iPhone come with a small battery which don’t last long and many users suffer the battery problem of iPhone not charging.


How frustrating it is when you return to home after a day struggle and plug in your iPhone with charger and it neither charges nor it turn on. The phones are an integral part of your and thinking of a day without them seems very tough.

There would be some questions arising in your mind that.

Why isn’t the iPhone charging?

What I’m gonna do now to make it on again?

iPhone not charging

Well don’t worry we got you covered. There may be several reasons due to which your iPhone won’t charge and you face the problem of iPhone not charging. Most of the time it has nothing to do with the phone itself unless it has been damaged or spoilt.

The reasons for iPhone not charging are:

1. Dust in your Charging port.

This is the most common reason that your iPhone don’t charge. Not only for iPhone but other phones also face the same issue. The dust, junk and other things start getting accumulated in the port and disturb the circle of charging.

iPhone not charging

There are around 8-9 connectors in the charging port, the lint, gunk, debris and dust would block one of the connectors which hinders the phone from charging and you face the issue of iPhone not charging.


Peep into your phones charging port, if you see some dust and debris particles flush them out. With flushing them out I mean cleaning it. Take a toothbrush which have never been used before, gently clean the charging port or you can buy a anti static toothbrush from Amazon for few bucks, both brush would serve the purpose.

2. Liquid damage.

One of the common reason for iPhone not charging is liquid damage, the liquid damage can result in short circuit or can break the connection of the charging port and this cause all types of the problems.


Leave your iPhone under sunlight or silica for about 2 days(48 hours) after that clean the charging port with the dry and clean brush and just pray that water hasn’t fried any circuit.

3. Check your Charing cable.

Even after cleaning the charging port, the iPhone is not charging. Then you have to look out for the charging cable, carefully examine the cable. The charging cables are very delicate and can be damaged easily. That can be the reason of your phone not charging.

Cable issue while charging


Examine the cable carefully especially the ends which are more vulnerable to  damage. If you see any damage or wear and tear, it’s the time to buy a new cable.

If there is no sign of wear and tear, then try to charge your iPhone using laptop. Insert the charging cable into USB port of laptop/computer and try to charge your phone, if it doesn’t work you need a new cable.

4. Check your charger.

Sometimes there is no issue with charging port, connectors or Charing cable. The problem is with faulty charger. Try charging your phone through USB port of computer or laptop. If it work then you need a new charger or alternatively you can borrow friend charger to find out whether cable is at fault or charger.

Charger not charging

Don’t forget that apple provide  warranty on charger and if your phone and accessories are still in warranty then you will get a new one free of cost.

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5. Check your wall socket.

It seems silly but it actually happens many time with us. The charger, cable and charging point is absolutely fine, the problem is with the wall socket. There is no current flowing through it. There can be various reasons for this like connection problem, electricity cuts and loose wiring. Try to plugin your charger in 2-3 wall socket.

Wall socket

6. Reset your iPhone.

If you can’t keep the charging signal on your screen when the charger is plugged in. Then the first thing which would come in your mind is to reset the phone. This can be easily done by pressing the turn on button and volume up button until the apple logo appear.

Sometimes there are some softwares failure that hinder the charging of the phones, the iPhone uses its softwares to charge the phone when plugged in but if it fails then there would be no charging. Resetting the phone back to the normal would reset the software and would solve your problem.

7. Try putting your iPhone in DFU mode.

Even if after trying all the above steps  your iPhone won’t charge, a DFU restore may still work for you! With the help of hard reset we have nulled the possibility of a simple software problem and have examined your  USB cable, charger, wall socket, and the iPhone. A DFU restore is a special kind of restore (when you restore your iPhone to factory settings) that can solve severe software issues if there are existing issues in the phone.

This is the first thing that a apple engineer would do even though the phone is damaged externally. If it doesn’t work, come back here to learn about some great repair options you may not be aware of.

8. Visit a service centre.

If there is an internal damage due to the physical fall, liquid damage or severe software failure. Then the last option available for you is to visit the nearest Apple iPhone service centre. They will throughly diagnose your phone and let you know the defect.

iPhone repair

If you don’t have any iPhone protection plan then it can be very expensive. No service of apple is cheap. Evaluate the cost of the repair and worth of the phone. If the cost of the phone is less than the cost of the repair then it’s the time to throw the iPhone out.

9. Buy a new phone.

When the cost of repair is more than the cost of the iPhone then it’s the time to buy a new iPhone. The new iPhone would be expensive than the cost of the repair but the user experience, quality, stability and the Performance would be worth or value for the money.

You can also go for the Android option, the Android also have some of the killer or flagship features. The Android phones like Google pixel, One plus and Samsung are capturing the large customer base.

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