The best way To help you increase BSNL Broadband Speed In 2018

If you are fed up with the poor BSNL broadband speed, in that case, you must definitely check this post to increase BSNL Broadband speed. Though in accordance with BSNL Broadband new plan you will get minimal of 2MBPS speed. But this is just for the high-speed usage soon after that you will receive the 512 kbps. Generally, the speed varies from place to place. So, what we have to do increase BSNL broadband speed?

BSNL Broadband Services is usually one of the most chosen broadband internet connection in India. If you are currently using the BSNL broadband services after that certainly you may be facing the problem of poor downloading and surfing speed. There are various reasons for poor internet speed, it may be your service provider or just poor optimization.

Therefore, you should have an idea about the optimization of internet connection to increase BSNL broadband speed instead of thinking to upgrade to a higher plan or changing your Internet connection provider. To increase BSNL broadband speed, just follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy internet at a better speed.

Clear browser Cache to increase BSNL broadband speed.

Sometimes, you might come across slower Net speed if the browser cache memory space gets full. In case you face sluggish downloads or perhaps regular internet browser crashes, in that case first clear your internet browser cache. It will surely solve the problem and speed up your internet connection.

For Firefox users:

Firefox Clients: Click CTRL+ALT+DELETE > Choose ‘Everything’ and then simply click ‘Clear Now’.

For Chrome users

Chrome Clients: Simply click CTRL+ALT+DELETE > Choose ‘the starting of time’ and then simply click ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

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TCPOptimizer Computer software to boost BSNL broadband Internet connection Speed.

Increase BSNL broadband speed

You just have to download and install a software program called ‘TCP Optimizer’, it will work for you and you can experience the better internet connection. The software program is usually free to use. Once installed, open up the device > raise the bar to wanted speed and then simply click ‘Apply Changes’.

Improve the Google DNS setting

Google DNS

Sometimes there is an error “Couldn’t connect to the page” or the page gets loaded after repeated hitting of the load again button. You are facing this problem due to the DNS propagation settings and it has nothing to do with broadband service. In order to improve the DNS settings.

Go to The control panel -> Network and then Internet -> Network and  Sharing Center -> simply click on your internet connection (after “connections”) -> simply click properties

Choose Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) -> simply click properties

Choose  “Use the following DNS server addresses” button and then change the current DNS addresses due to below addresses and then simply click ok.

Google public DNS.

Preferred DNS setting:

Alternate DNS setting:


This will certainly fix your trouble by simply loading your web pages and will remove the error ‘Couldn’t connect to the host’.

By changing the bandwidth.

Group policy editor

Bandwidth is usually the way of measuring how quickly the information can be transmitted through cables and wifi on bits per second(bps). A certain percentage of the bandwidth is reserved for the detection of any updates and interrogation of your machine. Your web speed will increase as soon as you reduce the reserved bandwidth to zero. In order to do that.

Go to start -> searches run

On run type gpedit.MSC (this starts group policy editor)

Find their way to Local Computers Policies ->Configuration -> Admin Templates -> Systems -> QoS Packets Scheduler -> Limit the Reservable Bandwidth.

Double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and after that alter the value from 20 to 0.

In the event you don’t have group policy editor then you definitely have to install it manually.

Background running software.

We all love to download new softwares and use them, the curiosity never ends. But do you know this can be the reason of slow internet speed. We never install a software correctly. We just keep pressing next until it finishes. These software may continue to run in the background consuming your internet speed. So make sure you clear all the background running apps and softwares.

This may assist you to increase BSNL broadband speed. If You Know Any Tricks Please Feel Free To Share With Us.



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