Top language learning apps in 2018

Today we are going to talk about best language learning apps available in the market whether free or paid. Human beings have a huge tendency to learn and it never dimnishes, rather it grows everyday. I am sure that you might think of learning new languages but are afraid of high coaching fees and the lack of time, if yes then we have a solution for you.

The internet is full of language learning apps from which you can learn basic to advance level of the language. You may not get high fluency but you will be able understand and speak the basic level of language.

Language learning apps

Smartphone is your best pal and best teacher if utilised in a controlled and efficient way. So here are few of the top language learning apps for the year 2018.

Top language learning apps for the year 2018.

Google translate.

Google translate in undoubtedly one of the finest app when comes to translate your lines into foriegn language but with this free app you can learn language too. This app give you the option of the language download, you can download any language which you want to learn. The Google translate has an extremely simple and unique user interface.

Google translate

The only drawback of the app is that it provide text to text translation. There are no videos, tutorials and other Visual stuff to make it interesting. Your excitement would diminish after few weeks.


This is the top language app for 2017 and would continue to do so in 2018. Babble app is great for beginners, the learning tutorials are posted everyday on the app. The length of the tutorials are around 10-15 minutes. It works well with all type of learner whether beginner or whether advance stage. This app also have user friendly experience and simple interface which is quite easy to use and unique for such app to provide.

This app can be a boon for a beginner, the learner just have to pay a meagre fee of 5-10$ for one month if he/she wishes to get access to full suite of translation instrument. No doubt all these feature make it one of the best language learning apps in 2018.


Duolingo is one of the free language learningĀ apps which is just an icing on the cake for the noobs and the newbies. It also has a simple and user friendly user interface. . I have personally used this app for learning basics of Italian.


On this appĀ  tutorials are subdivided by subject matter, permitting you extra readily expertise. Duolingo additionally gives extra structured classes like conventional grammar and phrases.

Your expertise in language is enhanced with the various exercises in translation. In order to keep the user intact with the language, it provide various exercises and user can check their expertise by solving those exercises. The revision process is the best thing of these app this keep user brushed up with the language rather than drifting away with a incomplete knowledge. So this make Doulingo shine among the best language learning apps.


Memrise App is ideal for increasing your grasp of any international language. Think about your final intention to have the ability to get a world courting like this chat with individuals in numerous elements of the world to know language straightforward manner as a result of with talking with your pals and one other individual. With a view to help together with your studying there are some mems, pictures that reinforce the phrases are that you’re making an attempt to grasp.


In its fundamental format Memrise is free obtain, though you’ll be charged for advanced services.


These were some of the best language learning apps. With help of these apps you can develop a diverse portfolio and boost your language skills and carrer.

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